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Having a platform to start, manage, launch or market your consumer product will result in cost reduction.

Media Solutions

From inventors to entrepreneurs to engineers we can get them for you.

sourcing solutions

With the internet of things ESinnovation now has global reach, we find the best partners to handle sourcing, manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment. We’ll help you determine your sourcing and fulfillment needs, then assist with finding, choosing and coordinating vendors to bring your product to market.


Eliran Shalimov
Ceo / Founder

Leads the strategic vision for all divisions at ESinnovation, bringing exceptional expertise in entrepreneurship.

Eyal Shalimov

Responsible for business development on the filed across multiple teams, ensuring that all tactics work together in unicence.

Rafel elias
Operations Manager

Responsible for operations, marketing, planning, event booking and building the right distribution channels.